Announcing My New Reviews and Gadgets Blog,

It was 11 years ago that I started this blog. We’ve been through a lot – I originally began the blog to account for things I discovered while programming various things I built on the side. It has evolved into a combination of that, reporting on tech news, sharing personal stories, futurism, and sharing marketing insights I have with my new (un)agency, Stay N Alive, LLC.

In addition I’ve started a few Youtube channels including GeekGreens, focusing on geeky gardening tips and tricks, StayTube, my family vlog sharing our adventures, most recently with a cleft palate daughter, and The Social Geek, focusing on gadgets, tech reviews, and my adventures in tech. I most recently started appearing on my local Fox affiliate, Fox 13’s “The Place”, where I report on fun gadgets, apps, tech news and social media. I’ve decided it’s time to bring a little more focus to the blogs to match what I’m doing on Youtube and elsewhere. For that reason today I’m launching! is intended to serve as a resource for my Social Geek Youtube channel content, as well as the work I’m doing with Fox 13’s The Place. I’m hoping to make this the place I share all my gadget reviews, not just in video format, but also writing. I’ll also share my visions of the future, howtos, and plain old geeky stuff. My escapades at CES this week will be chronicled there.

What happens to This will remain the blog and home page of my (un)agency. I intend this to be the place where I share marketing news, social media insights and information that can serve my clients and others, and a place I can share info on how my (un)agency operates. Most of the previous posts on will remain here. For personal posts, I’ll reserve most of those for Facebook, as well as my more personal blog, Stay N Faithful.

If you’re not sure which one to follow, follow both, or you can subscribe to my Facebook Page at and I’ll share everything there. There is RSS on both sites, and soon I’ll have an email subscribe option on

As I expand, my hope is this will allow for more product reviews and gadgets without a mixed message. If your company has something they would like me to review, I make no promises and may even provide a bad review if I don’t like it, please contact me. I’d love to try out your product and give it as objective a review as I can.

Comment below on what products you’d like me to review or share on And don’t forget to subscribe to the new blog! To the future!

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