How to Build Your Value and not be an Influencer on EmpireAvenue

For those of you involved on Empire Avenue I have a quick tip for you that will keep producing revenue for you so you can keep investing in more stock and therefore improving your value.

The secret lies in the number of dividends per share. The number is at the top of each profile next to the tabs, under “Dividends”. If you look at that number, that is the amount, on average, that you’ll get for every share you own in that individual. The other number you need to pay attention to is the growth of the stock per day – it’s the number in parenthesis next to the individual’s value in their profile (at the top).

Here’s what I like to do – I’ll look at the dividends per share weekly average and multiply it times the number of shares I have in that individual. That is the amount, minimum, that I’ll likely receive on a weekly basis by owning that individual. Now, divide that by 7 and you have the average amount per day you’ll gain. Then, add in the growth from the previous day of that individual (you can look at the growth over time if you like and average it if you want to stay consistent), and you now have a true value of that individual in its current state.

Here’s why you have to take into account both: Some individuals will bring you lots of Eaves on daily growth, but little in dividends. Compare that against someone that is bringing less Eaves on daily growth but have a lot of dividends. You’ll want to decide, based on that, which brings you more Eaves. Some times you’ll want to pick the fast movers and take the Eaves you get from the quick growth, and sell when they smooth out once you see they aren’t producing any long term value through dividends. Others you may want to keep because the dividends are producing well, despite a loss in daily growth. It’s basic math.

How to get Dividends

This is really why Empire Avenue is more than just a game, and it’s about building relationships. You get dividends by interacting with people, and by building them up. If you share an individual on your Facebook Wall, that gives you a dividend. If you post a lot on Twitter, that gives you dividends. If you post on Facebook, that gives you dividends. If you write a blog post, that gives you dividends. If you post and respond to people on Empire Avenue, that gives you dividends. All these are forms of building strong relationships with people, and that’s how you grow in the game.

The minute you start focusing on that, you will then become a target for people to purchase your stock, just as you embrace the strategy I mention above as your plan to purchase. You are now a valuable commodity, and because of the relationships you build, and your net gain to the individuals that invest in you, your stock will grow.

I realize this doesn’t benefit anyone but those that use Empire Avenue, but you can always join by following this link. Be sure to invest in me when you get there, by going to (e) STAY (see what I just did there – I just increased my dividends).

If you want further info, be sure to see Chris Pirillo’s free tips here.


6 thoughts on “How to Build Your Value and not be an Influencer on EmpireAvenue

  1. Thanks GeekLad – I intend to do another post at some point about the P3
    plugin. You've done really good work there. I do agree with your evaluation.

    One thing I would also like to see from the P3 plugin is to look over the
    Leaderboards and see which ones I already maxed out on and which I haven't.


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