Buzz Opens the Firehose With New API Features

Just a few minutes ago, on his Buzz update stream, Google employee DeWitt Clinton announced that Google had opened up their real-time stream of information for Buzz. Now, any application can access, in real-time, all updates across the entire service as they come through. This incredible stream of information will serve useful to Data warehousing and collection apps such as PeopleBrowsr and others that provide images and statistics surrounding the real time streams of Social Networks.

In his update, Clinton describes that the entire API was built around Pubsub Hubbub (PSHB) by Brett Slakin and John Panzer, and also integrates Atom and ActivityStreams standards as part of the integration.  In addition, new API methods to retrieve all the comments and likes of any user were also added to the Buzz API.

Even more significant is the addition of Share counts for any given URL.  Now you can expect to see services such as TweetMeme provide widgets that show and track the number of times that URL has been shared on Buzz and the ability to click to share even further.

In what seems like a long lull of time since any updates on the Buzz API or service, these changes are refreshing.  I think there’s no doubt the Buzz team is working hard to make this platform special and we’ll continue to see results in the near future.

What other API features would you like to see from Buzz and its API?

3 thoughts on “Buzz Opens the Firehose With New API Features

  1. Thanks so much Jesse for the comment.

    At PeopleBrowsr, we invest our energy and resources in leveraging and analyzing social media data sources.

    PeopleBrowsr has developed a deep social media archive and sophisticated analysis services to identify key influencers and engaged audiences and to activate communities through social media channels. Our rich datamine can be filtered by keywords, location, time, bios of all Twitter users and can be used to find a target audiences on both demographic, psycho-graphic, geo-targeted, time-targeted criteria.

    This provides the basis for us to offer superior sentiment analysis (to 95% accuracy), provide media buy opportunities on Twitter, and encourage authentic conversation.

    We’re delighted that you like our reports.

    Looking forward to being in touch.



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