14 thoughts on “How Does One Compete With This Beast? Here’s How:

  1. hey jesse…you feel facebook can be beat…do you think facebook owning the web with no login is a big issue, because of openness? if kynetix reaches a position of power like facebook, don't you think they will leverage their position too?

    i think the web should be built with open standards, and i think one company can lead that charge, but if that same company owns the IP, we're going to get back to the same situation.


  2. I like to see the web as a repository of information where user,like me, can get the most relevant information for my needs. Facebook effort is like a double edge sword.On one hand it allows developers to give user more relevant information. Others view that FB is trying to be the authority or even worst single point of failure on the net.

    For me I like to have more than 1 options in my hand on how to get things from the web. There is nothing more painful than just having only 1 tool that can do the job for you. If that tool is broken, I need to wait for the service company to come over at my place to fix it. I want to have options or other alternative tool to do my task.

    Let take a look at Open Graph by facebook. It is great ! But if it will be even better if we can have more option for the social web. There are other alternative to Open Graph, e.g: Google's Social Graph, that leverages open standard such as XFN or FOAF. I look forward for other open standard adopters to push the popularity of Google's Social Graph. Having more option can be handy when 1 option fail us. What do you think about Social Graph Jesse ?


  3. Sushant, Kynetx *is* building on open standards. What they're building
    a platform for doesn't need them to exist. They're just providing a
    language and platform that builds for that standard. You should check
    out their website before jumping to conclusions 🙂


  4. I find it entertaining you included me in a list of such big names, Jesse, I am not that cool 😀

    But yes, I am going, thanks to the Kynetx scholarship program. If anyone wants to hit me up while I am there, PLEASE, don't hesitate to do so 😀


  5. As usual, it'd be awesome to go this conference Jesse but I have too much work to do. Travelling even for a day is a huge hit from day job (survival, pay bills, lunch money) and fun project (open social web browser thing). Will count on your observations and tool findings to help me out. Enjoy!


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