Facebook Kills the Storage Limit

Today at Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be adapting their policy surrounding the length of time developers can store data taken from the Facebook API on their own servers.  Very soon, the infamous, “store for only 24 hours” limit will no longer be, as developers will be able to store data indefinitely.

Previously, developers were only allowed to store data taken from the Facebook API for 24 hours at a time.  The only data that could be stored longer than this were specific user, photo, event, and other similar IDs, from which developers were required to make API calls back to Facebook to receive data about those objects.  This was a common complaint amongst developers (including myself), causing bandwidth costs and much more effort on the part of a developer (and lack ability to be innovative with that data).

It’s great to hear Facebook opening up on this front.  Stay tuned and I’ll be updating this blog as more news unfolds.

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