6 thoughts on “Not Using a Service Any More? Here is the Polite Thing to Do:

  1. From the things you said, I assume that there's a difference between disassociating your accounts and deleting your accounts altogether. Deletion, in addition to removing your previously posted content, also allows someone to appropriate your name – perhaps someone who is very different from you.

    There were a couple of blogs that I enjoyed in the 2004-2005 timeframe, but the bloggers chose to stop writing and deleted their blogs altogether. I did not know this, and the next time that I visited the blog, I was very surprised at the content that was put up by the people who claimed the available blog name.


  2. John, I agree – which is why I didn't say delete your account, and
    recommended against that. There are ways to keep your content there, while
    still keeping new content from flowing into the account and at the same time
    letting your old audience know where to find you.


  3. It's good to try out different services to find out what you are comfortable with i.e. dabble with a wide range of networks. This doesn't actually achieve results other than being a learning exercise. Then when you really commit to getting a following, helping as many people as possible, producing quality content, then that requires concentrated effort maybe just with your preferred service. After a time this may exhaust your creative energy and it's time to move on to something else. Rather than leave the network completely, why not just take a long holiday from it ? Followers will understand if you tell them them nicely.


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