Twitter Hires Another Facebook Veteran

Brian SutoriusAccording to Twitter’s Team list, Brian Sutorius, who, according to his Facebook profile, was previously on Facebook’s Platform Policy team, is now Twitter’s newest API Support team member.  After the loss of Alex Payne moving to more operational roles, and Chad Etzel, who was on a contract basis with the team, Sutorius joins the likes of Ryan Sarver and Doug Williams in the Support role.  Twitter’s API Support team are in charge of managing the Twitter development mailing list and ensuring the Twitter API is managed properly.

Sutorius worked since July of 2007 on Facebook’s Platform Policy team, the team at Facebook in charge of enforcing policy infringements on Facebook’s developer platform.  The team ensures applications are following policy, not storing information more than 24 hours, aren’t serving deceptive ads, etc.  Now it would appear he could be doing similar things on a team working to shore up its own platform policy agreement.  Brian was there when Facebook grew through their own policy changes – Facebook Platform was launched around May of 2007.

It’s exciting to see Twitter bringing more veteran talent into their team.  With the previous hire of Josh Elman, Facebook’s former Platform Manager, and now Brian Sutorius, Twitter is solidifying its effort to innovate and bring Twitter closer to Facebook as a competitor.  As I said earlier, it’s these types of hires that are making me more excited about Twitter.  We’ll see if they live up to the people they’re hiring and keep things moving forward.

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