Facebook Photo Tagging Apps: Intelligent Design or Plain Old Spam?

Screen shot 2009-09-14 at 3.50.45 PMThe photo tagging apps in Facebook have taken over my stream!  Check out the screen shot to the right.  Out of the 12 highlights, only half are legitimate posts.  The other 6 are apps that have seemingly figured out how to abuse the system and take over my highlights section (either intended or not), giving the apps even more exposure on Facebook.  If you ask me, this method of app promotion, while legal and probably even a smart move by the app developers, needs to stop!

Fan Check, Friend Character, PickupFriends, TouchGraph, and others are nothing more than spam with their current techniques of app promotion. From my experience most people using them have not even opted to tag their friends in these photos, and I hope Facebook can put an end to this.  The developers behind these apps (probably many who have read my book) are smart people – can’t they find another way other than deceiving their users to promote their applications?  Or perhaps Facebook can give me a way to filter these so they don’t take up my Highlights any more and I don’t appear as tagged.

I’m hoping “Natural Selection” for these apps sides in my direction. Let’s hope these types of spammy apps go away or change their behavior.


9 thoughts on “Facebook Photo Tagging Apps: Intelligent Design or Plain Old Spam?

  1. Total spam. I was driving yesterday for 12 hours…….from NM to CA……my blackberry kept buzzing with this crap from my facebook friends…….thought about deleting any friend that was not savvy enough to stay away from them! Kevin


  2. They should've been more creative with their questions. While people who use Facebook for professional reasons might find it annoying, it does have mass appeal. They're like MySpace comments — they dont do much but they're popular. Frankly I feel like FB is turning out to be another MySpace with the app overload.


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