Is Facebook Testing Popups?

Today I was visiting a friend’s Facebook Group, when out of nowhere a popup appeared, asking me to take a survey. Being on a Mac, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t spyware or a virus. I checked the other sites I was on and none seemed to be the type to do this, and Facebook was the last site I had any activity on. The ad popped up right as I entered the particular Facebook group. I’ve contacted Facebook and am awaiting clarification on this. Is Facebook testing popups amongst its users? Could this be from one of their ad partners? Has anyone else seen this? Here’s the ad:
Facebook Popups

8 thoughts on “Is Facebook Testing Popups?

  1. I don't doubt that they are looking for ways to generate revenue as are many other companies out there and this could very well be one of them (Nothing a good pop-up blocker can't take care of). But just because your on a Mac don't rule out malware, although not as susceptible to malware as Windows both Mac and Linux can and do get viruses and spyware and more are being written everyday for these platforms.


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