Just as the Sun

I took this photo the day before my Grandfather’s funeral this year.  The fog rolled in on the Huntington Beach Pier, producing one of the most beautiful sunsets I ever saw.  It was as though my grandfather had touched the heavens and smiled at me. It was a peaceful and serene moment.  This was written by him:

Just as the sun
Which blesses us
During the day
With light and warmth–

And in the evening
Drops below the horizon
Leaving us
In the chill dark of night–

Is not extinguished!

But shines still
On distant shores
Blessing with its radiance
Other Souls
Beyond our view

So this dear one
Who warmed our hearts
And lighted our lives
Through the day–

Now gone
Beyond the limited horizon
Of our mortal view.

Leaving us
In dark sorrow
And chill loneliness–

Is not dead!

But sheds warmth and light
On dear souls gone before

–Jesse E. Stay (my Grandfather)

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