Suicide Note on Facebook Developer Forums?

UPDATE: Facebook’s security team is now aware of this and is taking care of the matter. Again, if you know the guy, call the police immediately.

I found this, posted under 2 categories in the Facebook developer forums today. The man seems depressed over having his account removed, and gives 1 week before he dies. I have notified Facebook – is there anything else we can do for the guy?

His note, quoted below, from bhong025:

My facebook account is my life! I really need the account active for my work, my family, my friends and my own world.

I can’t live without facebook. All the years of work, message, relationship and love is gone.

It’s very very important source for my work. I know the rules now. I won’t randomly add people again.

The entire friends i have for my life is vanished! I am lost in the deadly loneliness after my account is disabled.

How can I possibily live again?

So this is it, I should just kill myself. I can’t live with this shameful sin.

There is nothing I could do to get it back. I am here all alone by myself after my job is over and my friends all laughing at my disabled account.

Without facebook, I am planning 1 week to live with the rest of my money.

Please tell god, I died in a painful death.

If you know this man or this user, please, call the police immediately. This is completely serious and letters like this shouldn’t be taken lightly. How can we help out this guy?

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