Live Blogging the Web 2.0 Expo: Microsoft

Picture 8.pngMicrosoft has been all over the news lately with their “Mesh” announcement. It really sounds like Ray Ozzie is getting the idea of “being open”. I’ll share my notes from the keynote here:

Microsoft has “a big announcement” we’re told. Here are the notes from their keynote:

“Unified Data Management” – what if all your devices could share and sync all of their data and feeds? “Applications Everywhere” – what if all your devices were completely cognisant of the apps that were running on them. Making sure all of your machines all over work the way you want them?

Introducing “Live Mesh” – showing a video… Showed a guy with a macbook (interesting), cell phones, laptops, xbox, cameras…

Demo available to anyone in the audience. Today, available for the Windows PC. Next few months, support for mac and other devices. Future many more devices.

Very easy to create a folder to give access anywhere.

“Mesh Bar” – provides consolidated view of all devices, members of folder, views and events that are happening in the folder. Automated consolidated view of everything in the mesh.

All devices work together. Data and applications are always accessible. People are always collaborating, always up-to-date with info needed.

Just “the tip of the iceberg”. Speaker’s team is a “Platform Team”. There will be a Platform Focus. It will be very easy for developers to take advantage of the web and these devices. Platform will provide open access to data and APIs. “yeah right – this is M$ – prove it!”. Showing code… You can choose between ATOM, JSON, POTS, RSS, XML, WXML… you choose language, protocol, etc. to interact with Live Mesh.

Tomorrow, attend sessions and visit and visit booth for more…


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