SocialOptimize’s "Holy Rolls" Announces the "Catholic vs. Protestant" App

Are you getting tired of the whole, “Pirates vs. Ninjas” or “Zombies vs. Werewolfs” debate? How about joining a real man’s debate! I’m proud to announce the launch of an unprecedented Application that actually has a real purpose in discussion! It goes back to the age-old debate of which religion is right, whose religion is better? Perhaps one of the longest debates in history, I announce, in conjunction with SocialOptimize’s Holy Rolls Suite of Religious Social Applications, the “Catholic vs. Protestant” application on Facebook. I’ve been following the discussions on “We’re Catholic“, and I’ve finally decided it’s time to give users an application they can put their religion where their mouth is. So, if you’re Catholic or Protestant (which I assume includes the majority of my audience based on sheer statistics), get on over to Facebook and add the App! Let’s settle this debate once and for all! You can add the application here:

Oh, and if you like this, stay tuned for many more features I’ll be adding to Holy Rolls and SocialOptimize’s Community Apps in the coming weeks!


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