“I’m On Facebook — Now What???” Available for Pre-Order!!!

facebook442.jpgJason and I are excited to announce that HappyAbout has launched their Pre-order page for “I’m On Facebook — Now What???”. You can order it here:


The Paperback edition will sell for $19.95, but all those who order now get a 15% discount, making the book just $16.96. The eBook can be pre-ordered for $11.95. We are anxious to get this out to print quickly as one of the First books of its type on Facebook, so order quickly!

In addition to that, today we received our Afterword from Robert Scoble. Robert’s experiences with recently having his account closed (and re-opened) on Facebook are perfect timing for why this book was written. We are excited to have his contribution! Thank you Robert, for the hard work and time, even in the process of having your account closed by Facebook, CES, being so sick over the last few days, and switching jobs, that you have put into the Afterword.

Robert’s Afterword completes Lee Lorenzen’s Foreward for the book that we have already received. Lee, founder of Adonomics and Appaholic, and well known expert on the subject, is known for predicting that Facebook will be worth $100 billion, and thus far his prediction is very much on track! Thank you again Lee and Robert for such great additions to the book!

Again, order your books today!

UPDATE: Are you a blogger? HappyAbout, our publisher, has a great affiliate program! Sign up here for a commission when you blog about the book!


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