Twitter Updates for 2008-01-12

  • Lots of articles like these today: #
  • @Afrowhitey ouch! What are you going to do now? #
  • @AfroWhitey get on IM when you get a chance. I’d like to get your blog back up. #
  • “Ask Jesse” Cam is back up at #
  • my 3 year old is logging into the computer all by himself on camera right now #
  • ordering Dinner and Cake from cheesecake factory mmm… #
  • @expecting_rain I’m not sure – last I checked it was close to 2 hours wait. For pickup it’s only about 25 minutes curbsite-to-go. #
  • Scratch curbside to go at cheesecake factory being 20 mins. You have to wait 20 more mins after u get here #
  • @biznickman I love that Dave & Busters! Man I miss VA/DC/MD area. #
  • Wondering how my 84 year old grandmother got on Bebo #
  • @susanreynolds, @conniereece I wish I could convince my mom to be on Facebook! #
  • Just added the Bebo developer app – woohoo! I’m a Bebo developer now! #
  • need to modify the WWW:Facebook::API for Perl to work as WWW::Bebo::API now. #
  • Bebo has much better categories than Facebook does for its apps. There’s an actual “charities” category. #
  • just secured the app names “latterdaysaints”, “catholics”, and “baptists” on Bebo #
  • @petdance are you atl500? #
  • @petdance added #
  • Anyone (biznickman?) know if there is any API and developer documentation for the Bebo development platform yet? (other than Facebook :-P) #
  • Are Pink and colored iPhones to come at MacWorld?: #
  • Look at me! I’m a Bebo Developer!: #
  • How we used Facebook Notes to sync with our Facebook Page( #
  • so am I a sap if I like “My Best Friend’s Wedding?” #
  • @hundreddollar that’s what I love about it! Finally, a movie where she doesn’t break up the good, existing relationship! 🙂 #
  • didn’t realize @leolaporte broadcasts his KFI show on Hi @leolaporte! #
  • I think Apple is releasing solid state Macbooks at MacWorld – they had a patent several years ago for that #
  • @kdumont you can chat with him in irc – #techguy #
  • w00t! After one year I finally convinced Microsoft to give me the $22 they owe me. 🙂 #
  • what’s going on with gmail right now? Can’t get it to send e-mail. #
  • Does anyone know a network admin that does freelance in the Boston area? My brother, @Afrowhitey is looking for one. #
  • @MarinaMartin it’s nice to see you back on rss – I’ve enjoyed your rss shares on google reader #

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