The Path to Productive Applications on Facebook

Facebook just announced tonight that they will be releasing a “Profile Cleanup Tool” soon. The tool is supposed to make it easier for those with cluttered profiles to clean up the applications they don’t use on their profile.

What do I see of it? I think finally you will see many of the applications that have no real use reduce in users. I really think the top 100 Facebook apps landscape could change shortly after this happens. Because of this tool users will finally have an excuse to remove those applications and you will see user installs of those applications go down significantly.

How do you keep your application from getting the boot? Get your users to engage in your app! The more your users use your app, the less likely they will be to remove the app. If the app is useful, fun, or engaging, or a sense of that user’s identity, and your users can remember that they like your app, they will be much less likely to remove it.


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