Twitter Updates for 2008-01-07

  • Sitting down in the office, getting ready to watch “Deal or No Deal” #
  • Simpsons was a classic tonight #
  • so do I have to have silverlight installed to use “ZuneSocial”? #
  • omg! Microsoft has reinvented iLike! #
  • @petdance lol! #
  • does sync come with the cameraman? #
  • I want voice on my iPhone – I miss that from my MDA #
  • lol – Bill Gates is playing GH3! #
  • much less excited about Microsoft this year than I was last year – what happened? #
  • Las Vegas needs to hop on the Twitter bandwagon – if one person wins $1k and Twitters all their friends, can you imagine the onslaught? #
  • @ladanea lol! I’d still wear pants – just not Christmas ones 😉 Actually, I like my Christmas pants. #
  • What are your favorite WordPress theme sites? #
  • @libel_vox how did Laura get into CES? I’m so jealous! #
  • @LauraMoncur you’re famous! Great to see you on qik. #
  • @jptrenn do you have a url? #
  • @jrockway rub it in why don’t you? 😉 It’s like 20+ degrees here in Utah. #
  • My new blog design is up: #
  • @akula I’m such a geek! 😉 #
  • I’m off to bed – night guys! #

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