Patches to the Net::Twitter script for all followers and friends

As I was testing my auto follow script for Twitter and helping Chris Pirillo (see the comments in the link above) get his set up, I realized it wasn’t working for him. After a ton of hacking around, going through all aspects of the auto follow script, and Net::Twitter, I realized there was an undocumented (it’s now partially documented) feature in the Twitter API which states that a page must be specified with a “friends” or a “followers” request. I noticed that Net::Twitter was not checking for paginated results on these requests, therefore I’ve created a patch to make that possible. You can download that patch here (after installing Net::Twitter):

Just patch (usually in /usr/lib/perl/site_perl/5.8.8/Net/ with the above file (after un-gzipping it), and you should be set.


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