Twitter Updates for 2008-01-01

  • would anyone be interested in having their Facebook profile pic on the cover of our book? #
  • @ThomAllan (and others) send me an e-mail – jesse at socialoptimize dot com and just say you’d like me to use your profile (legal reasons) #
  • @humancell I’m still trying to decide that – depending on how many volunteer there will be a good chance you’ll be on there #
  • @MackCollier part of the fun is having people follow you because they joined your conversation – I prefer not to force people into it #
  • Happy New Year East Coasters! #
  • Local news cut off the New York ball drop at 10pm! We were going to let the kids watch it. 😦 #
  • wife and kids are all asleep – I want to party! #
  • Wondering why at 15 minutes til I can’t find any live local coverage of New Years count-down on TV #
  • Happy New Year to my MST friends! #
  • Why do I have to watch New York New Years Eve when I live in Salt Lake City??? Can’t believe Channel 2 isn’t even broadcasting the fire … #
  • getting drunk on Martinelli’s, designing the cover for “I’m on Facebook — Now What???” #
  • @jasonalba I disagree with you on the email thing. I find just the opposite. Because people get fewer emails on FB they are more likely … #
  • Has anyone else had issues installing Parallels on Leopard? It starts to install, and just waits. #
  • Wow – $14 from TLA in December, my biggest payment so far! (for my blog) #
  • Tip: when installing Parallels on Leopard, Internet sharing *must* be off, all things unchecked – I had forgotten I shared my inet earllier #
  • @expecting_rain now it’s crashing on me when I launch it though 😦 #
  • @demca how can I get a beta copy like you have? #
  • crap – parallels customer support is down too. Their FAQ says to send them my bug report but they won’t let me! #
  • These guys beat me to my idea: #
  • @demca – pet profiles on Facebook. Everyone loves their pet. I would have beat them if I had the time – better they do it. #
  • yes – I bought Alvin and the Chipmunks on Fandango! I love Facebook beacon. 🙂 #
  • @libel_vox – that is freakin’ awesome! One of their own is finally saying what all the outsiders have been saying for ages! (http://snu#
  • @libel_vox, but switch to Python? Why would anyone do that? 😉 #
  • “A bunch of half-trained former PHP morons who never bother to sit down and really learn the computer science they were too good to stud … #
  • I didn’t say it – they did! 🙂 #
  • Got over the crashing Parallels problem by closing Firefox and Snitter – wonder what it’s conflicting with #
  • D-I-Zed-Zed-Y #
  • @royblumenthal looks like Snitter was the culprit – can’t run the two at the same time. I’ll put the blame on Snitter for that. #
  • @royblumenthal good point – and AIR *is* still in beta so we can’t be too picky I guess. #
  • @expecting_rain as @royblumenthal said I think it’s a memory leak, or memory issue of some sort. #

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