OS X Leopard Woes

As those who read this blog know, I have a love-hate relationship with Apple. The other night I completely finished a great blog entry on Facebook releasing its own Platform Architecture, similar to OpenSocial Containers, and Bebo being the first to utilize it. Well, I hit “publish”, and realized Leopard had killed my internet connection again! This, after I just installed another update that was supposed to fix everything.

I’m about fed up with Leopard, the problem is there’s not much better elsewhere. Every Operating System has its strengths and every Operating System has its flaws. I like Vista for its new interface and Entertainment (Media Center) Center capabilities. I love Linux as a server. I love Mac as my desktop because it gives me a great combination of both worlds and has a pretty interface. Unfortunately, Vista is bloated, Linux takes too much configuration to get up and running as a decent desktop, and Apple’s flaw? They can’t do a launch right, but continue to make fun of the competition. I had the same issues with Tiger when it launched, now I’m having problems with Leopard – DNS dying, internet randomly going down, applications crashing, grey screens of death. It’s driving me nuts! I just wish they’d stop picking on Microsoft and fix their own operating system! Frankly, I’m beginning to feel sorry for the poor Microsoft business man (the PC) that guy from Die Hard keeps making fun of in Apple’s commercials.

Great – my internet connection just went down again — Now What???


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