Twitter Updates for 2007-12-20

  • Seeing the lights at thanksgiving point #
  • I can barely get a connection with Leopard now after the last update! I thought this was supposed to fix that! #
  • editing the book, getting ready to send to publisher’s editor tomorrow. #
  • Fading fast – more book editing tomorrow… #
  • @ThomAllen, I hacked my MDA with WM6 – worked great. Takes a ton of Googling to do, though. #
  • @robertmerrill, try #
  • get your hulu invitations here: #
  • k – now that I’m on Hulu I absolutely don’t get it. Is this supposed to be a social site? Looks like more an answer to iTunes, but I c … #
  • @ThomAllen I wish I had more time to code 😦 #
  • Just trying to find time to get dressed this morning – too much to do! #
  • eating Christmas cookies and Pepsi for breakfast this morning while I work #
  • Signing an NDA to allow me to be a Facebook Payments developer #
  • off to see my kids’ school concert… #
  • The third grade class at my daughter’s charter school is singing silent night in 3 languages #
  • At the riverton library prepping THE BOOK to send to the publisher with @jasonalba #

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