Susan Reynolds, Blogger, Soon to be Cancer Survivor


I don’t know Susan Reynolds very well, other than our occasional chats on Twitter. She found me, actually, following me for my updates on BYU Football Games. I know she is a huge Ohio State fan, and she has been very vocal on Twitter. She is also very involved in Second Life. Overall, I think she is a very impressive lady I’d love to get to know better.

On December 6, 2007, Susan Reynolds found out she had Breast Cancer. It has been amazing to read her blog, and her Tweets as she goes through this ordeal. She is a trooper, that’s for sure.

For those unaware, my Grandmother died of Breast Cancer when I was about 12. Ironically, she was born on December 5th, just a day before Susan’s diagnosis. My grandmother was diagnosed several years before her death, overcame it (sort of) several times, but in the end, it took her. She was one of the greatest ladies I knew, early to bed, early to rise (my sister’s middle name is “Dawn”, named after my Grandmother because they were born on the same day), gave birth to 12 children (and raised them well!), always walked several miles each morning even in her old age, and loved every one of her 50+ grandchildren – I still have the sweater she knit for me when I was young, something she did for all of us. She too, was a trooper, and an amazing lady. I feel an obligation to show my support for Susan because of this, and hopefully encourage and inspire others to show their support.

This Friday, Susan is going in for surgery for her Cancer. In support, Twitter followers everywhere are showing their support by including peas in their avatar graphic on Twitter (Susan started it with a (clean) picture of her icing up her bruised areas with a package of peas). You can see mine in this post. If you use Twitter, and would like to show your support, please do so by editing your avatar, and notifying me in the comments (or just add me on Twitter). I’ll make sure Susan knows you support her. Let’s keep Susan in our prayers and show some support through our Twitter avatars!

You can follow Susan’s Cancer treatments through her blog at:

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