Twitter Updates for 2007-12-13

  • working on the last chapter of the book – how do you use Facebook daily? Contact me if you’d like to share in the book… #
  • For some reason @chrispirillo’s Ustream inspires me when I play it in the background while I write. #
  • Lol – is Apple copying @jasonalba and me?: #
  • Well, ‘night friends – headed off to the airport to go to LA tomorrow at 4am… #
  • Waiting at the salt lake airport for my flight #
  • L: long beach, ca #
  • sitting in Long Beach Airport, finishing the last few paragraphs of the book, waiting to meet my parents when they fly in at 11:30 #
  • l: long beach, CA #
  • @susanreynolds and they have wifi to boot! #
  • Mark this date and time – the “I’m on Facebook — Now What???” book is officially finished, in the Long Beach Airport in Sunny Southern CA #
  • The cutest little old Thai lady is running the little airport snack shop here – having fun speaking Thai with her. #
  • Have all my East Coast friends gone out and stocked up on groceries? I miss those mad rushes from Richmond, VA before the snow… #
  • @TheDruidXpawX they were one of the first Facebook apps written – they’ve got some really cool stuff, definitely a run for some of Adobe’s $ #
  • anyone else able to send Tweets from their mobile phones today? I’m receiving but can’t send #
  • @jordanlee1 must be my tmobile connection in l.a. #
  • @octalmage mostly via the Internet – places like amazon #

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