Twitter Updates for 2007-12-12

  • Heading off to the Utah social media dev garage #
  • @newspapergirl yuck! Well you should stay home and rest #
  • at the Utah Social Media Dev Garage with @jeffbarr – 28 people here so far! #
  • @robertmerrill would you like my seat? #
  • @robertmerrill – wait, you’re right in front of me. I thought you were saying you were in the hall #
  • @davidlaplante you’re welcome 🙂 #
  • Great Social Media Dev Garage guys! Thanks for coming, and joining in “the Social”. Thanks @jeffbarr for such a great presentation. #
  • Writing blog entries about last night’s event (anyone have anything they want me to include in the Google Code blog for my guest entry?) #
  • @scobleizer congrats and good luck on your next venture! #
  • Bebo launches new platform – “100% compatible with Facebook platform”, supports OpenSocial too. Nice!: #
  • @robertmerrill it was good to have you there! #
  • more big news coming up if a deal I’m working on comes through… #
  • Google makes first initial commit to shindig, making it possible for new sites to start hosting OpenSocial apps: #
  • @biznickman enjoyed your last post on allfacebook. I see you’re coming to terms with my thoughts on LinkedIn being a big announcement 😉 #
  • just got an email from a recruiter wanting me to take a job, asked how they found me, they answered “We spotted you on Monster back in 2006” #
  • Facebook opening up their platform – I agree with @biznickman – this is huge! – #
  • The Facebook platform opening is big for existing Facebook developers and those that want to build their network from the ground up. #
  • Open Social will still be utilized by other platforms that compete with Facebook though, bringing developers to both worlds. #
  • My opinion? Facebook may still be forced into using OpenSocial. #
  • @biznickman do you think MySpace or the other big 5 will actually consider using Facebook’s platform to build their platform off of? #
  • @robertmerrill I’m referring to the top 5 social networks – #
  • @biznickman you’re right about Bebo. LinkedIn probably won’t, Orkut won’t, MySpace won’t – that leaves a lot of developers using both #
  • @biznickman the other option is the competing networks needing to incorporate some of both platforms to compete #
  • @biznickman that’s a great point. Google is still way behind on the backend. I hope they would consider both. #
  • @biznickman I was wondering the same thing – interesting that both announcements came the same day #
  • Google guest post sent off to Google. Now to write on my own blog. Still need to finish last chapter of the book! #
  • @utah what was the name of the guy that has the binary 2008 countdown? #
  • Stay N’ Alive’s blog review of last night’s Social Media Dev Garage Mtg: #
  • “Facebook Stalkin'” – thanks @jasonalba!: #
  • @ericlitman we’re just going to miss each other. I’m heading to LA tomorrow. #
  • @biznickman good luck on the Social Times event! Wish I was still back in Virginia so I could attend. #

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