Could Google Launch the gPhone November 5?

Scoble and Mike Arrington have both talked about Google launching “the Social Network of all Social Networks” on November 5. Recently, Google bought the Twitter-like status service Jaiku, which has mobile capabilities of sending updates of what you are doing via cell phone and finding out what your friends are doing. Rumors have also been flying of a gPhone to be released some time soon, perhaps end of this year of beginning of next year.

I’m going to go out on a limb here. Google needs to compete with Facebook – Facebook is definitely a threat. Now here’s the idea – what if Google’s killer social network wasn’t just a web network, but instead centralized on their gPhone, and that was what they were debuting on November 5? Add to that the rumors that they will be opening that platform, that would confirm the idea that their “new” platform would be completely open. I have heard rumors that Google developed Google Maps back in the day, just to be on the cell phone eventually. What if the incorporation of Google Maps, GPS, knowing where you are, and what your friends are doing and where they are, based on cell phone usage Jaiku provides all will be part of Google’s social network of all social networks – the gPhone? Regardless of whether they actually launch the gPhone on November 5 or not, Google’s got a nice piece of competition on their hands as soon as the gPhone is released.

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