Public Schools the Demise of the LDS Church?

Okay I missed my Sunday school topic for yesterday so hopefully this makes up for it. Forgive me if I go on a little political rant here. I was thinking about going over “Mormons Exposed”, but Laura Moncur beat me to it. So I came across another ridiculous piece of “Mormon News” today.

It appears the Mormon-oriented “Sutherland Institute” is publishing advertising in the Deseret News and Tribune blaming the need for School Vouchers in Utah on helping to save The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Now I’m a huge fan of School Vouchers, but why did they have to go there? There may be some truth to what they are saying but the fact is there’s so much truth and statistics out there supporting School Vouchers that we don’t need to make up half-truths to argue the point. I mean their “truths” sound quite similar to the anti-Mormon rhetoric that us Mormons try to fight on a day-to-day basis! Sutherland Institute, I suggest an apology and sticking to full truths rather than a blame campaign.

You see, school vouchers, while I’m not aware of an actual school voucher program in the U.S., have statistics behind them to prove they will work. If you look at the test scores, student to teacher ratios, and overall college graduate ratio of Private Schools to Public Schools, you’ll find that despite what the critics say, Private Schools and competition works! The funny thing is the very conservatives that are for Capitalism and small government are the ones pushing the scare tactics on this new bill. You’ll see a lot of critical statements with absolutely no statistics to them – look up the statistics yourself and you’ll find record after record proving vouchers will be a good thing for the people of Utah. Also notice who’s backing the anti-voucher groups – you’ll find that most of them are Teachers Unions, the very people that want to protect the bad teachers we already have in the Utah public school system and keep competition from forcing them out!

So before voting for this referendum, I strongly suggest you do your research – Vouchers are good! Government needs to stay small! Oh, and to the Sutherland Institute, stick to the statistics!


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