Pligg Presentation Cancelled

I apologize to those looking forward to it, but I’ve had to cancel my presentation on Pligg modules at UTOSC this week. I’ve just got too much on my plate right now. I realized I needed to blog this today as the Pligg guys just gave me a really nice plug on the Pligg blog. I feel really bad for canceling now! If anyone is making a special trip out here for my presentation, please inform me ASAP and I might still be able to get back in as a presenter – I don’t want to put anyone out for this. I’ve just got a lot going on right now with about 3 businesses I’m trying to push off the ground, contractual obligations on the side, a full-time job, my wife being sick lately, and more. Again, please let me know if this puts you out and I’ll re-prioritize (and maybe take you out for dinner too!).

For those Pligg users and developers, I’m still planning on finishing my Email_Latest module, and also maybe a Facebook integration app (if someone doesn’t beat me to it – please, don’t hesitate!). I haven’t forgotten you guys!


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