NBC Screws Up, Again!

Recently, NBC made what many to believe a big mistake on pulling out their shows from iTunes. Well, yesterday, I discovered another big mistake. Recently, NBC started an ad campaign for its hit TV series, “My Name is Earl”, about Earl’s being booked into Jail while innocent entitled, “Free Earl”. They have scripted a musical and mockumentary taking on the likes of “We are the World” with all the characters singing. It will be released tomorrow, and they have already started advertising it.

Well, it appears while NBC has put together all this commotion, they forgot to buy the domain. I noticed while trying to find the video yesterday that “FreeEarl.com” was available on GoDaddy.com so I bought it, along with freeearl.net and freeearl.info. For legal reasons, I think I will intend to use it for a Fan Club, but NBC – hey, you might be able to change my mind with the right offer!

On those lines I discovered a new service by GoDaddy. It’s entitled “Cash Out!” and allows you for a monthly price of around $7 per month for 60% of ad revenue, and $10 per month for 80% of the ad revenue to get money back on the parked domains through GoDaddy that you are holding. If you have domains that might be frequented by lots of people regardless of content being there or not, this might be a good option for you. Of course, I might be able to make more money putting on some Google ads, adding a “My Name is Earl” or “Free Earl” theme, and maybe even streaming the video, but for a quick buck that you don’t have much time to do all that this is a great option. They do allow you to specify up to 4 keywords to theme your site around, along with selecting a few categories and themes for the parked page. In all, not too bad a deal!


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