A Brilliant Success! The Playmill Theatre in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of posts lately. I am going somewhat dark, working on a revolutionary new payment method, termed “Pokkit” for now. More on that later – if I don’t post as much in the near future, bear with me. There will be many more posts to come!

I had the pleasure of visiting my Sister’s new theater in Jackson Hole, Wyoming yesterday. We watched the hilarious musical, Nunsense, of which they did a brilliant job. The Playmill Theater (not to be confused with the Jackson Hole Theater, which will be closed for renovations next year, might I mention) is quickly becoming a landmark of Jackson Hole – something for all ages to be sure and stop by when visiting the city. You can’t miss the theater (I’ll attach a pic or two to this as soon as I upload them from my camera) – it stands right on the main thoroughfair of Jackson Hole, right down the road from the town square, and has a huge sign out front with the trademark mill that the theater is named after.

The acting is superb! Knowing my sister, having stage managed in productions with Julie Andrews and Bett Midler, they did not skimp on the talent. Having actors from all over the nation helps too. The singing was beautiful, the acting made you feel a part of the show, and they even tap dance! They produce a true family atmosphere, inviting guests on stage as part of their pre-show. Accompanied by a live band, it truly is a piece of broadway in the Wild, Wild West. For any visiting Jackson Hole and looking for something to do in the evenings, the Playmill Theater is an attraction that can’t be looked over!

You may purchase tickets ahead of time on their website. Oh, and be sure to try the pineapple Dole Float when you’re there – delicious!


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