Facebook – Now Javascript Friendly!

I’ve been following this for awhile now, and have been meaning to blog it. Soon after my Post last week on the fb:fbjs-string tag, I noticed that Facebook had added a new “FBJS” page to their wiki. On it, they revealed exciting new methods of incorporating Javascript into your Facebook Application. Then, yesterday a Facebook developer responded to a thread I had been participating in on the fb:fbjs-string tag that they were about to publicly announce the wiki page. It appears that now you can post javascript in your Facebook app, and that javascript will be parsed into a Facebook-controlled javascript environment. Today, this functionality was announced and released for all developers!

Almost all javascript DOM and event methods work, and you can even post javascript in the profile object! The only catch is that if it’s a profile object you must trigger the first “active” event, such as an onclick handler or onmouseover handler. Beyond that, it’s an open world! Not just that, but they provide their own AJAX framework and Dialog box framework for anyone to tap into. This is huge, as now you can pretty much have full Web 2.0 apps all inside Facebook, using standard FBML syntax. So if Social apps like Facebook are Web 3.0, what does this become – Web 3.2? Web 3+2=5?


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