Introducing the “I’m a Mormon!” Facebook App

I decided to challenge myself last night and see how fast I could get a Facebook App together. I noticed Facebook currently has no Mormon/LDS Facebook applications. There are a few I know in the works, but no one seems to have anything complete. So, following my post on the fb:random tag yesterday, and the “release early, release often” mentality I took a simple idea and pushed it out live. I call it “I’m a Mormon!”, and I finished it in a record 3 hours (and boy am I tired)! I have had some input that’s too “in your face” – I’m curious if others agree and what other names they would suggest for the app. Basically, the app randomly selects a quote from the 4 LDS Standard works (the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Perl of Great Price), and displays it on your profile for others to see. You can see an example on my profile page. I will definitely be expanding on this and making it more social, but at least there is now officially a working “Mormon App” out there. I encourage all to add it to your profile and share it with your friends! The url to add the app is:


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