Google to Enter Health Care?

I saw this post by Adam Bosworth, a Google VP, on Google’s blog today:

“I gave a speech today at the 2007 American Medical Association of Informatics (AMIA) Spring Congress. I used this opportunity to suggest a vision of what I think consumers should expect from our health care system over the next decade, including three core principles of a future health care system”

My first thought is, why is Google talking at the American Medical Association of Informatics? Is there a Healthcare future at Google? Working for a Healthcare company myself, I can attest, there is certainly a lot of money and information in the field. I wonder if someone like Google could help clean some of that information up.

I work a lot with Healthcare EDI in my position at work. In fact, a lot of what I do involves similar matching algorithms to what Google would use in order to match a normal user’s search. I think Google, whether for profit or not, could be a huge contender in such an industry and have a lot to provide. I sincerely wonder if this is where they’re going.

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