Mormon Guy to the Other Mormon Guy: Thank You!

Ken Jennings, King of Trivia, I bow to you. You said my thoughts exactly. Perhaps it’s just because we both grew up in foreign countries, or maybe because of the geeky tech world we live in, but some how the anti-Mormon rhetoric and slurs seem worse than I remember growing up, and only seem to get worse as we move on. I wish they would all just stick to telling me what they believe. I can vouch for my own religion and beliefs, thank you.

Frankly, if others want to convert us, I suggest they try to find ways to make us happier, not try to take away from what already has made us happy. The continued jabs and stabs at our beliefs only offend, confuse, and hurt us. Our religion teaches us to inheritantly seek happiness. Most of us, especially myself, feel happiest when studying our beliefs. I have no doubt that if someone were to show us something happier and more joyful than what we have, we would seek it – I have only found that complete happiness in my Mormon faith though. There is nothing that has brought me more joy than the teachings of my faith.

As another Mormon Guy to the Internet: If you have something that will make me happier, please, teach that to me. Otherwise, please, as Ken Jennings said, shut up and think a minute!


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